Services we offer

Windows Software

We specialize in development of software that are financial and managerial in nature that run in Windows Operating system. These include, among others, stocks and inventory, payroll and human resource, financial and accounting, marketing, customer resource management, legal and lawyers management, school administration, educational software.

Android Apps

We develop mobile software that are financial and managerial in nature which run in Android OS. Among others, these are stocks and inventory, payroll and human resource, financial and accounting, marketing, customer resource management, legal and lawyers management, school administration, educational software.

Website Development

A Website is fast becoming a necessary tool of operation in any organization. We are aware of this need and have invested heavily to ensure we develop the most efficient and modern websites. We develop websites that are responsive to the size of any device that is used. We also pride ourselves in being able to make websites that are smart in nature, i.e. logical in operation, and hence dynamic. We also re-design already existing websites to revamp their outlook and functionality.


The world has developed into a very fast and hi-tech one. Equally so, commerce and business has not been left behind either. E-commerce and online shop is the electronic way of purchasing and selling products and services. We make sure you get the best, very user-friendly E-commerce software that runs in your devices seamlessly, making your business payments efficient, fast and accurate. This is the best way to connect with your customers from all over the world, wherever you may be.


Financial consultancy and management is also one of our prime services. We are a team with very extensive experience spanning at least 20 years in accounting and finance, we offer the best consultancy and advice arising from handling different financial and accounting environments over the years. Once we study your environment, we are able to offer financial advice in the areas we feel you could excel better in.

Accounting Ksh.


We also offer book-keeping services and prepare accounts in readiness for external audit. Registered companies are required by law to keep proper books of accounts and records corresponding to that in an efficient laid down way as stated in companies act. We help our clients achieve this by advising them on what books to keep and how to keep them and also help them in maintaining a proper filing system that enables retrieval or checking of records easily and faster. Be it manual or electronic system.

Systems Upgrade

Systems sometimes need to be upgraded because they have become obsolete. We do this service as per the request of the client. System upgrade could be from manual to digital / electronic, or upgrading the already digital one to a higher version or another form e.g. from Oracle database to MSSQL Server database system. In this context also we streamline the internal control systems in an organization to run more efficiently by advising on the best system to follow. We are experienced in such managerial and accounting and auditing matters too.

Tax Consulting

As an extension of financial and accounting services, we also offer taxation services. We offer tax consulting services, tax advisory services. In addition, we also offer other duties like completing and filing of tax returns, e.g. PAYE, VAT, and such related iTax (Kenya) online services, including NSSF and NHIF returns. We also train our clients on taxation matters for instance how to compute several taxes like VAT, PAYE, Corporation Taxes.

Networking >>

We also offer computer networking services. When you need to extend a computer to another section or department, we are there to do that for you. We network with cables / wirelessly as per your preference. In this line also we do installation of ready-made software and operating systems and computer hardware. Also when you want to add a server or upgrade a server, we are the best people to contact. Data backup is also our forte. Loss of data is something that should always be avoided.

Social Sites    

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many more social sites have become part and parcel of our lives. Social Media and sites are a very innovative way of reaching all classes of people be it clients, friends, suppliers, prospective distributors, you name it. There has also grown a need to have them managed and administered in a more professional way even as a marketing tool. We offer such service on behalf of our clients. We administer and update the site’s wall and ensure that the comments there are also regulated and controlled.